History of Roulette: Learn about American, European and French Roulette and how this majestic casino game was born
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History of Roulette

Just like any other famous and popular casino game, roulette has a fascinating history. But unlike usually the changes that happened to this king of all casino games are all about house's edge.

There are only three types of roulette and the greatest difference between them lies in the edge the house has over player. In different roulette games the edge can double or even triple!

The birth of roulette

Roulette is a word originated from France and the term stands for a small wheel. Although the world roulette is French, there is no actual proof whether the game originated from France or did it find its way from some other country.

The first version, and quite a primitive one, of roulette was invented by a French mathematician Blaise Pascal. While the outcome was the best known casino game in the world the intention of Mr. Pascal was to create a perpetual motion machine. In a way you could say that he succeeded, as roulette wheel has been spinning all around the world and most likely will continue to for many, many years to come. Some believe that the game itself is a kind of a fusion of some of the English wheel games (Roly-Poly, Reiner, Ace of Hearts) and Italian board games (Hoca, Biribi).

Early roulette game

Roulette in more or less its current form has been played ever since the late 1800s. Of course over the past 200 years, new forms were introduced and the layout of the table has changed a bit. These small changes modified the game only a little and the goal and rules of roulette are still the same.

Business-minded and patriotic as Americans are, they introduced the patriotic version of roulette which had a zero, a double zero and an eagle -slots raising the houses edge to a 12.9%. Later this version of roulette faded away but the the double-zero roulette stayed in America.

The greatest change introduced to roulette, was the single zero -type roulette which was introduced by François and Louis Blanc in 1843 after their "so-called" deal with the devil (the legend says that François and Louis struck a deal with the devil for the secrets of roulette in exchange for their souls, whether it's true or not, when you sum up all the numbers on the roulette table you will end up with the number of the beast, 666.). The single-zero roulette was introduced to compete against other casinos that at that time offered only a double zero roulette.


Roulette today

The double-zero roulette, widely known as American roulette is still the dominant roulette type across the Pacific while the single-zero roulette dominates the rest of the world.

Casino games were banned in many countries all over the world for many decades, during that time it is obvious that the casino towns like Monte Carlo gained huge popularity and became a sort of a Mecca for all those who enjoy gambling. Only after the changes in gambling legislations in several countries like United States, roulette was really free to conquer the world. While in 1900s there were not that many casinos, in 2008 roulette fans could find several hundred all over the world offering the most popular roulette types, the American and European.

Today, thanks to the Internet, roulette fans can play what they want where they want. whether you are from UK, France or Germany. You have several great online casinos offering you your favorite game exactly when and where you want it!


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