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Roulette Strategy

Roulette is a very simple game to learn and is one of the few casino games that do not require über-mathematics skills to be good at it. It is quite hard to say which roulette strategy is the best one but it is very easy to say that none of them are 100% bulletproof, you will win when using them, but you also will loose some.

What it comes down to is whether you win or loose in the long run. As you most likely know at this point, in roulette the house has an edge over the player. This edge differs from 5.26% in American roulette (double-zero) to 2.7% in single zero roulettes. Of course the latter one is a better option for the player.

The most basic roulette strategy is finding streaks, and betting high when one is found. Using roulette strategies is the best way to increase your winning chances, but as you realise, playing roulette is all about odds so right bet at a right time can earn you quite a bit. On the other hand, missing the right bet can cost you quite a bit as well. The most important thing is to actually know roulette rules, it is ok, if you don't know them ALL but knowing the basic ones will help you a lot.

Martingale roulette system

Martingale system is probably the most known roulette system there is. It is also probably the most used one. Although now days it is a bit obsolete, mainly because the table limits that are quite popular in casinos. Actually Martingale system is the exact reason the table limits were introduced. The thing is, if a player with a deep enough pockets uses it at a table without limits, he will eventyally win.

This system is very, very simply: If a bet is placed on a certain number or color (basically just repeating the same bet over and over again) you will win, well at some point that is. If you double your bet every time you lose, you will end up winning back everything you lost and a bit more. You can apply this system on even bets but you are free to try it on straigh-up bets also, after all they pay 35:1, so you might end up with pretty good win.

Although a bit costly and far from perfect Martingale is still one of the most used roulette systems. And with a tweak or two you can get it to work even with table limits.

D'Alembert system

The D'alembert roulette system is a kind of a combination of different betting systems. Using this system you do not need loads of cash but you might need some time as it is a bit slow going. In this system you will lower your bet when you win and raise it when you lose, yes, halve the bet when you win and double it when you lose. While it might sound a bit weird using this system you need not to worry about hitting the table limits and it is quite capable of dealing with losing streaks.

It might sound like a complex combination of different systems but in reality it is just a mix of some with addition of martingale progressive betting. Just remember to start out with a bet twice as big as the minimal bet, decrease it by half every time you win and double it every time you lose. Using this system you have better chance of clearing those loosing-streaks that come around every now and then.

Some might say that this system is a very bad one, some on the other hand might praise it to the high heavens, in the end it is up to you to decide if it worth using or not. While it's not the perfect or ideal roulette system, it allows you to play for far longer than using the martingale system, on the other hand, it is a bit slow and hardly anyone will become a millionaire using it, well unless they end up playing at the super-high-stakes table ;)

Three to Two roulette system

"Three-two-Two" system is something even some of your friends might take credit for. Just like the other two, it's quite simple, actually it is the simplest of three as you really do not need to think about it that much. Of course thinking and playing smart is something you really need to be doing, 'less you want to donate your cash to the casinos.

The idea behind the 3-2 system is that you bet on Black and the third column or the Red and the second column. The ratio for these bets needs to be 3 to 2, for example £3 on black and £2 on the third column.

This system is very promising as it covers nearly 70% of the possible outcomes. At first you might feel like you are constantly winning and that can actually be true, but consider this: every time the color bet wins the column bet loses and vice versa. Obviously at some point both will be the winning but it wont happen that often.

The "Three to Two" system is hardly the one to use if you are planning on "breaking the bank". You will need a lot of time to come out on the positive side, and even them you will simply earn some extra cash.

The Best roulette strategy

By far the best practice at roulette is combining different systems and tweaking them so you end up with a roulette system that is perfect for your wallet, your time and your playing style.

Try adding some martingale progressive betting with a twist of D'Alembert to the "Three-to-two" system for example. Double your bet if you lose but only halve your bet when you win.

Also, don't forget to test your system for free before playing for real cash, you can find a couple of completely free roulette games right here, on this site.

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