Great Winners of Roulette - Peek in the history of big roulette winner
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Roulette Winners

Roulette, being one of the most known, if not The most known casino game in the world has had a lot of lucky winners. There is a good reason why roulette is mostly associated with glamour, leisure, royalty, nobility and otherwise rich or famous people. This reason is that anyone can win, and by betting high you can win quite a bit. Here are some of the "legendary" roulette winners, to some these fellows might look like complete lunatics but some consider these guys their role-models!

You might hear or read a phrase "Break the bank", when searching for information on roulette. This phrase simply means that a player wins more chips than there are on the table, thus emptying the table.

Ashley Revell | Chris Boyd | Charles Wells | Joseph Jagger

Ashley Revell

The story of Ashley Revell is amazing one and shows you just how lucky you might get. Revell is no doubt one of the luckiest roulette players and his "15 minutes of fame" were probably as exciting for the people watching their TVs, as they were to Ashley himself, although he ended up with much more than a good show.

Ashley Revell ended up at roulette table after selling all his possessions (except the last pair of pants he was wearing). Mr. Revell placed all his money (some$ 135 000) on red and for a few seconds the world seemed to have stopped.

When the wheel finally stopped, it reveled the winning number and color, 7 red, making Ashely Revell 135 000$ richer. The whole exciting event was filmed by Sky One for a "Double or Nothing" TV-show. (Take a look at the video below).

Visit to find yout what Ashley managed to create using his fantastic and a very lucky winning bet.

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Chris Boyd

English, 40-year-old computer programmer named Chris Boyd is one of those who had tremendous amounts of luck. In 1994 after saving some 220 000$ during the previous three years, Chris had finally managed to follow his dream. He travelled to Las Vegas in search of a casino that would accept his huge bet of $220 000.

Most major casinos did not accept his bet. But he finally found one casino that agreed to raise the limit to accept Boyds $220 000 bet. As Chris was more familiar with a single-zero roulette it was agreed that the double-zero would be blocked out. All eyes were on Chris when he placed his mega-bet on red.

The ball ended up on number 7 red and Chris was 220 000$ richer. After that fluke Mr. Boyd swore that he would never gamble again.

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The amazing thing about the two previous roulette winners is that for both of them number 7 Red was their lucky number. Whether it is pure luck or not for these two men lucky 7 truly is a Lucky Seven!

Charles Wells

There is also a story about Charles Wells, a gambler and trickster and an engineer who managed to win several millions of franks in Monte Carlo and defraud some of eager investors. It is also said that the song "The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo" is in fact about Charles Wells.

It was 1891 when Wells defrauded some £4000 and went to Monte Carlo. In his eleven-hour session Charles Wells managed to "break the bank" twelve times! Earning a million francs. At one point, during his "bank breaking spree" Wells also managed to win 23 out of 30 spins. That same year, in November Mr. Wells went back to Monte Carlo and again managed to break the bank several times earning another million franks!

The most astonishing thing about Wells is that he did not cheat, and he actually admitted that he simply had a very, very lucky streak. The system Wells used is called "High-Risk Martingale" and it's is still used, although most professional gamblers tend to tweak it a bit. Check it out on our roulette strategy page.

Although Charles Wells was lucky at the roulette table, he was later arrested and found guilty for several frauds. In the end Charles Wells died a poor man, in Paris.

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Joe Jagger

Though the previous roulette winners are all more or less "lucky". There have also been winners who wanted to gain an edge over the house. Joe Jagger took a bit more scientific approach to playing roulette and won without a bit of luck.

Joseph Hobson Jagger in considered to be the first roulette "hero". He is also said to be related to Mick Jagger. In any case Joe was fascinated with the roulette from the start and had serious doubt in randomness of the roulette wheels. His thought was that every wheel had a set of numbers which were more likely to win than the others.

In 1873 he hired 6 workers to record the outcomes of roulette wheels in Monte Carlos Beaux-Arts casino. It was as Jagger had suspected and one of the wheels did in fact had some numbers that were coming up more often. A couple of more days of research and Joe Jagger marched in and won over £60 000 in just a few days!

Of course casino tried to sidetrack Jagger but even though they moved the roulette wheels around, Jagger still managed to find his "lucky wheel" winning an astonishing 2 million francs ( some $450 000).

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